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Should You Choose Real Wood or Composite Wood Shutters? There are different types of window shutters in the market. You should consider a number of things, including your budget, functions and materials used to make the shutters you want. Among the most popular materials used to make shutters are wood and faux or composite wood. You can easily make your house look classic by installing faux wood or real wood shutters. However, like many homeowners, you may be wondering whether to choose faux wood or real wood shutters. Which shutters will be suitable for your home? Installing plantation shutters will instantly transform your home and improve its market value. There are various things you should consider to know the right shutters to choose. Real wood shutters have been around for a longer time than composite wood ones. Faux wood shutters are mainly made of fiberboard or vinyl. Advantages of Real Wood Shutters There are various benefits of installing real wood shutters instead of faux wood ones. To begin, real wood shutters are durable than composite wood ones. Real wood shutters are more expensive than faux wood ones but last longer. You should choose real wood shutters if you plan on living in the house for many years to come.
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In terms of design, real wood shutters also beat faux wood ones. If you need large panels, real wood will be an excellent material since it does not sag. On the other hand, composite material is not the best choice for larger panels since it tends to sag.
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Real wood shutters are also more aesthetically pleasing than their faux wood counterparts. If you wish, you can paint real wood in any color you want. On the other hand, composite shutters come in limited colors of beige and shades of white. Generally, faux wood shutters do not require a lot of maintenance like real wood ones. To make your work easier, think carefully of the colors you would want the real wood shutters to have. For instance, real wood is a great option if you are looking to stain the shutters. When real wood is stained, its natural characteristics such as burls, pine knots and tiger stripping show. If you will be painting the shutters in particular colors, faux wood will be a better option than real wood. When you paint natural wood several times to make it have layers, its natural characteristics will be lost. After deciding on the type of shutters to purchase, find qualified installers to do the installation work for you. When you have found some installers that you feel will be a good fit for the project, carry out a background check on them. For example, inquire whether the installers can direct you to clients that they have worked for in the past.


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